Friday, May 20, 2011

Which golfer are you?

There are golfers who just put on the first shirt they see in their closet then head out to the fairways.  Then there are those golfers who really take time out to prepare what they wear when they play.  What they put on when they golf is as important as their game.  For them It's not just about playing well, It’s also about looking good when they do.  One can easily tell when a golfer is meticulous about their attire versus those golfers who really don’t care about what they put on.  Which kind of golfer are you???

At the recent 95th Philippine Open at Wack Wack golf and country club there were some interesting golf apparel amongst both the players and spectators. Golf has become an avenue for some to let go and express themselves through what they wear.  Seriously, most people would not normally wear purple shirts and plaid pants to work but out in the fairways it’s a totally separate story.  Some golfers get carried away with booming and intense colors.  While bright and colorful can be loads of fun, there is a fine line between dressing really cool and dressing for distraction .

A pink shirt can look really nice
Bluegreen eyewear matches with the shirt placket

It's the little subtle details that count. That's golf aesthetics.

Those Druh belts and buckles are so stylish and they come in different colors. ( 

Other favorite brands seen were Cross...

J. Lindeberg

Can you guess what belt he was wearing??????


Adidas for some...

And then there were those who could walk in high heels on the green...


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sizziling Hot at the ICTSI Philippin Open

Siddikur and Angelo Que

It was sizzling hot at the first day of the ICTSI Philippine Open at the East course of Wack Wack Golf & Country Club. Not just because of the blistering heat but because the best players from the Asian tour were in full force. I was excited as it was my first time to watch the Philippine Open and help out as a scorer. One of the first flights who passed our designated hole was Himmat RAI from New Delhi who topped today's leader board with a 68 (-4). Rai is quite young at 24 years old.

But even younger is our teen star player Miguel Tabuena who at 16 years old is the youngest in the Asian Tour. Miguel had his supportive family rooting for him all the way.
Miguel Tabuena

Pretty mom Lorna Tabuena (L)

Miguel was paired with Berry Henson of the USA who did an impressive 69 (-3) for the day.

Berry Henson

Our very own Marvin Dumandan was all smiles early in the game. It must have been a prelude of things to come as he finished the day very well with a 69 (-3). Just one shot away from current leader RAI.

Marvin Dumandan

One of the nice things about being assigned to score in a static hole assignment is that you get to see all the players without having to move around a lot.  By just following one flight you miss out on the chance to see other great golfers. I was assigned to cover hole #12 and get all the players scores from the previous 3 holes. It was so much fun because I got to see my all favorite players pass through...
Frankie Minoza 

Temyong Murakami

Mars Pucay

Gerald Rosales

Tonton Asistio

Juvic Pagunsan

It was a great day for  golf and I am looking forward to day two of the ICTSI Philippine Open 2011.

The hard working ladies of Wack Wack - Jan Punzalan, Sylvia Singson, Joanna Lim

Keeping score! L-R Samantha Lopez Edwards, Isa Velayo

Monday, May 9, 2011

Here are the official results of the WGAP 2011 Circuit Canlubang Leg:


Class A:

Alabang - 162 points (WINNER)

Forest Hills - 156 points

Canlubang - 153 points

Class B:

Sta. Elena - 153 points, won over Canlubang by lower combined handicaps of top 4 players (WINNER)

Canlubang - 153 points

Alabang - 152 points

Class C:

Alabang - 169 points (WINNER)

Tagaytay Highlands - 161 points

Forest Hills - 151 points


Class A:

Jonah Ilagan (Forest Hills) - 41 points, beats Rio Co (Sta. Elena), by lower handicap of 12 vs 15

Class B:

Vids Torralba - 51 points

Class C:

Deena Mendiola (Tagaytay Highlands) - 44 points, beats Patricia Kohchet-Chua (Canlubang), by lower handicap of 30 vs 36

Current Standing: 


Forest Hills - 307

Canlubang - 306

Tagaytay Highlands - 161

Next Leg:  Forest Hills - May 23, 2011

Good will.  Good Golf.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Is it really better the second time around???

Our first Forest Hills Ladies quarter tournament for 2011 was called “wipe out”, a game of mulligans. Now, how cool is that?  You get a chance to do it over. In this case, you not only get a chance to do it again, but do it again and again and again!   The tournament rules stated that you could use your mulligans from any point on the course.  Handicaps are converted into free shots that are used during a round.  So if you are an 18 handicapper you get 18 mulligans to use anytime. This instead of applying your 18 handicap in the proper manner.  Ideally, if you use your mulligans WISELY, you should end up with an even par score or better.  Or so I thought.....

The idea of having “second chances” to do things right is actually terrific. The point being you learn from your mistake and you get an opportunity to make things right. Don't they say “it's always better the second time around?”

But second chances aren't always good.  If you play your round thinking that you have all these “second chances”, there is that possibility for you to get careless and loose your focus because afterall, you have all these mulligans anyway.  Not only is there a tendency to get sloppy in your shot-making, you can also get GREEDY...  and greed is the root of most evils....  especially in golf.

Take hole 5 (Forest Hills Handicap 1, par 4), I cross the ravine in two but not quite reaching the green. I make an easy pitch to the green in 3 shots.  I take my third shot but I end up left on the green on the slope short.  This leaves me with a 10 foot putt.  With some luck I could still make par or I could make 2 putts and save bogie.  “But wait!!! I have all these free mulligans” I thought.  So I take my mulligan and shank my pitch.  What the fuss???  How does one shank a pitch????  Worse, I hit my flighmate in the ankle and then loose my ball into the ravine. What a nightmare! All these because I opted to take my mulligan when I already was on the green. Such is GREED!

During the tournament, I see my flightmates do the same errors I did.  They approach the green and end up by the fringe. One up and down and they should still save par.  But NO!  They take the mulligan, hit it out of bounds and take a penalty.   Then there are those  golfers who save their mulligans, hoping to use it when they REALLY, REALLY need it.  Then they get to the last hole with 5 mulligans or more to spare.   What were they thinking????  Use these mulligans for the next tournament?????

So is it really better the second time around?  Maybe. A mulligan can seem like a life saver, but its more like a golfers eraser to wipe out the sins of a bad shot. Hey all of us deserve a mulligan now and then.  To know that if we do make a mistake (in golf or in life)  that we do have a chance to start over and make it better.