Tuesday, September 24, 2013

31 Years

Today i woke up to this.

Of course I was pleasantly surprised.  31 Years ago  we had pizza at some diner and realized this was fun and just maybe it could be more than a casual date.   Many years later, and blessed with two wonderful sons I can safely say... It's a miracle!

Thank you for 31 lovely years.  Ups and downs but still happy and loving all of it.....

Monday, September 23, 2013

That elusive 20 extra yards

Terry Rowles in Impact Magazine's anniversary issue

Golf coach Terry Rowles of the San Francisco PGA Golf Performance Center is back in Manila for a limited time with his Trackman and AMM 3D.  Most of us amateurs have not heard of Trackman and AMM3D however it is widely used by golf professionals and Terry is one of the leading advocates of the system.  Tiger Woods and his coach use it extensively.  Put simply, Trackman sees where your ball is going and why it is going there. AMM 3D measures data in your swing from the ground to the club and sees how this information links together to get your body moving more efficiently and elevate your game to the next level.

When I got tested with the Trackman and AMM 3D my goal was to find out how i could gain more distance in my swing.  Terry was able to explain what was happening to my swing and gave me a program I could work with to achieve my goals.

To know more about Terry Rowles and the Trackman/AMM3D system check him out in the new anniversary issue of Impact Golf and Lifestyle magazine.

Jewelry & Chocolate

Joyce Oreña

Artisanal jewelry and Chocolate come together in a gift box. It's a the ultimate combination for most women. Joyce Oreña's new jewelry collection in a special collaboration with Raquel Choa's divine chocolates.  If you are looking for unique gifts this coming holiday season (paging the men in our lives....) then look no further.  Check them out at JÔ Joyce Oreña - jewelry & accessories

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shameless selfie

Flying ove Timbis Bay, Nusa Dua
This is a shameless selfie.  But I figured how many times can you take a picture of yourself while doing your first cross country flight? Right? So i extended my mono pad, turned on my GO PRO smiled and prayed that there wouldn't be any turbulence.  And voila, my shameless selfie.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sunset in the City

Makati Sunset

Such joy it is for me to capture a city sunset photograph. It was one of those afternoons where the weather was perfect and the sky was clear and i had just enough time before my 7p.m. dinner appointment to grab my camera and take this picture.

Shot with a Canon Mark II 17-40mm. Calumet CK7500 tripod and the Singh Ray ND filter.