Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Relax, It's just a game

Victorias Golf & Country Club Bacolod
So after a week of competitive golf its time to take a break and unwind.  Competition can be tough and stressful. The pressure to deliver points for your home team can sometimes get to you. But then I have to remind myself that I golf because it's fun and relaxing. When that stops then its no longer recreation.  Then what's the point of golfing right?

So relax, at the end of the day it's just a game.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

And the winner is....

It was a a fun-filled Mardi Gras awards night for the 21st Luzvimin Infinity Championship in Bacolod. The Villamor ladies won the Emerald division closing with 342 points under the Molave scoring system. Twelve year old Harmie Constantino was superb with 54 points and won with the  team effort of Samantha Martirez, Jo Barredo and Ting Yupangco. Southwoods I was runner up with Beachie Abiera, Claire Ong, Claudine Garcia and Sandy Velhagen totaling 340 points.

Villamor Team
Harmie Constantino

Southwoods 1

Davao's Apo Golf bagged the Ruby Division with 291 points and  Southwoods II was runner up with a total of 265 points.

Apo Ladies
Southwoods II
The Pearl prize went to Davao City Golf Club and runner up was Negros Occidental Golf & Country Club II.
Davao ladies
Team Negros
Valley Golf- special division

It was a week of competitive golf for women from all over the Philippines.  From aged 12- 80, these women played the best golf they could and they "Par-Teed" just as hard. And so the real winners were all these women who joined the Luzvimin  Championsip and shared in that special fellowship one can only get in golf.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Luzvimin Championship Day 1 results

It's the first tournament day! Here are the unofficial results for the top 3 teams per division :

Emerald Division: (Team points)

Villamor - 172
Manila Southwoods - 162
Bacolod Golf & Country Club

Ruby Division: (Team points)

Apo - 140
Manila Southwoods - 126
Forest Hills - 123

Pearl Division: (Team points)

Davao - 128
Negros - 110
Villamor - 98

Special Division: (Team points)

Valley Golf - 144
Alabang - 94
Iloilo - 89

It was an exciting and tiring first day. Some highlights from day one....

Luzvimin Infinity Championship

WGAP Board
The 21st Luzvimin  Infinity Championship of the Women's Golf Association of the Philippines  officially opened with 133 players from golf clubs all over the Philippines.  The Ceremonial activities were held at the Bacolod Golf & Country Club.  Unfortunately because of the non stop rains in Manila, several of the participating teams were not able to make in time for the opening festivities but have thankfully arrived in time for day 1 of the tournament proper.

Bacolod Golf & Country Club
Valley Golf & Country Club

Victorias Golf & Country Club

Manila Southwoods

Camp John Hay

Negros Golf & Country Club
Orchard Golf & Country Club

Forest Hills

There are 4 divisions in the Luzvimin Championship comprising the following:

Diamond Division – Handicap indices from 0 to 7
Emerald Division – Handicap Indices from 8 to 14
Ruby Division – Handicap Indices from 15 to 21
Pearl Division – Handicap Indices 22 and above

The Luzvimin Championship will run until August 23, 2013.

Let the games begin!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


It's one of those old courses with huge Eucalyptus and Mahogany trees all lined up beckoning you to play her.  You immediately get the feeling that this is one gorgeous golf course you will enjoy. From Metro Bacolod you drive out some 30 minutes past fields and fields of sugarcane plantation until you come to this charming course.

It's a long course.  However while walking the entire18 holes you get the feeling that it's really not that long.  Perhaps because it is picturesque.  Or maybe because every hole is different.

Late in the afternoon when most of the players have gone home, you might find some of the young local kids playing a few holes.

I stopped to watch them hit their balls and was astounded at how good they were. They had the proper swing and form.  Perhaps children of the caddies.  They had only one club each  and some were even barefoot but they were naturals. Then again it's not surprising when you have the fairway as your playground.

Our very own Philippine professional golfer Juvic Pagunsan, who was an Asian Tour Order of Merit, is a product of Binitin. While he may not have started as young as these kids, (he told me once he started learning only at the age of 15) Juvic did have Binitin as his play area.  In fact his old house still stands not too far away from the entrance of the course.

Juvic Pagunsan
This year Binitin or Bacolod Golf & Country Club will be host to the 2013 Luzvimin Infinity Championship of the Women's Golf Association of the Philippines. This will be the largest gathering of women golfers comprising of 25 teams from Luzon Visayas and Mindanao. We are hopeful for another memorable tournament as we return to Bacolod where in 2011 the Luzvimin championship was held at Marapara. We also await our sisters from the other golf clubs in Manila who have been stranded because of the non stop rains in Manila.  We pray for the safety of teams Manila Southwoods, Sta. Elena, Riviera, Aguinaldo, Villamor  and hope they arrive in Bacolod soon.


Monday, August 19, 2013

Bacolod here we come!

The Forest Hills ladies team is off to Bacolod for the Women's Golf Association of the Philippines (WGAP) 21st Champion Infinity Luzvimin cup to defend its title in the Ruby division. We return to Bacolod after some 2 years were the Luzvimin cup was held in Marapara. This year Forest hills will field two teams in the Emerald and Ruby divisions.

Participated in by leading golf clubs from all over the country, this years championship will be held at the Bacolod Golf & Country Club, or Binitin.

Twenty five teams representing Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. They are as follows:

Apo Golf
Baguio Country Club
Camp Aguinaldo
Davao City Golf
Del Monte
Forest Hills (2 teams)
Iloilo (2 teams)
Manila Golf
Manila Southwoods (2 teams)
Negros Occidental (2 teams)
Orchard (2 teams)
Pueblo de Oro
Sta. Elena
Valley Golf
Villamor (2 teams)

Imagine that there will be at least 150 women all together playing competitive golf for 3 consecutive days.... Oh what fun....


Sunday, August 11, 2013


Woke up late this morning and missed my dive.  So i decided to take some pictures instead.

Facebook resort

On my to get fresh oysters in the local market.  I stop when i see this sign along the way.
Facebook resort in Boracay, Philippines? Seriously?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Oh shoot!

I am always happy when I have some time to shoot. The whole process of directing the model, taking the picture, and then post processing the photograph helps me relax, much like golf. This past couple of weeks had me experimenting on ambient lighting.

I took this last shot on the top of a building just when and the sun was beginning to set.

Perfect timing.