Tuesday, January 17, 2012

50th Philippine Open- And the winner is....

Lee Jeong-Hwa
As she stood on the 18th hole to make her  putt it was clear that the ball was going to slam in.
So with both arms raised in delight and the widest smile on her face, Lee Jeong-Hwa became the first Korean to win the 50th Philippine Ladies Open at the East Course of the Wack Wack Golf and Country Club.

Lee with WGAP President Rio Co

It was an amazing three days of Ladies Championship golf! Here are highlights from day 3 of one of the most prestigious Ladies Open in Asia.

The ladies of Forest Hills

WGAP ladies

The Opens youngest - Francesca Bernice Ilas

Guioguio on the 18th hole of the last day

Lee with the Thailand team

Lee on the 18th hole
The winning putt

Baraquiel, Ababa

Princess Superal

With Lee and her father

Hwa Jeong Lee- The first Korean to win the Philippine Ladies Open
The final results: (based on WGAP)
Hwa Jeong Lee (Korea) 74-68-75 
Princess Superal (Philippines)76-70-74
Lovelyn Guioguio (Philippines)79-71-74
Claire Amelia Legaspi (Philippines) 78-74-74
Sunshine Baraquiel (Philippines)78-75-73
Savitree Thavong (Thailand) 78-74-75
Jayvie Agojo (Philippines) 75-74-78
Supamas Sangchan (Thailand) 76-76-77
Sarah Ababa (Philippines) 79-74-78
Felicia Medalla 79-69-83
Andie Unson (Philippines)76-76-80
Pornvida Sakdee (Thailand) 83-75-74
Yupaporn Kawinpakorn (Thailand) 78-80-78
Juily Vasandani (Philippines) 83-79-75
Pathamaporn Ariyamatepreecha (Thailand) 79-79-79

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ladies Philippine Open - Girls just want to have fun!

Andie Unson

Jeong Hwa Lee of Manila Southwoods continued to top the leaderboard on the second day of the Ladies Philippine Open with a 4 under (68) for the day.  Princess Superal had a good start and moved up to second place on the leaderboard with a two under par (70).  Other favorites for the top spot in the 50th Philippine Ladies Open include Felicia Medalla of Wack Wack and Jayvie Agojo of  The Country Club. Here are the results for Day 2:

Leader board by position (unofficial)
                              Day 1     Day 2    -/+
Jeong Hwa, Lee          74     68         -2
Princess, Superal         76     70           2
Felicia Medalla             79      69          4
Jayvie, Agojo                75     74          5
Lovelyn Guioguio         79      71          6
Savitree Thavong          78      74          8
Claire Legaspi               78      74          8
Supamas Sangchan       76      76          8
Andie Unson                76      76          8
Sunshine Baraquiel       78       75          9

Despite the difficulty of Wack Wack's East Course most of the players did want to have fun and have fun they did....

Jean Magsino, Merina Gan, Grace Atienza, Vanessa Fitzgerald
Felicia Medalla
Francesca Ilas
My Shoes!
Please kick right.....
Jayvie Agojo
Lee Heong Hwa



Crystine Lava,  Anli Wu

The youngest player at the Open - Francesca Ilas

Philippine Ladies Open turns golden

WGAP president Rio Co &  Jee Cabochan
There's reason to celebrate when the country's premier Ladies Golf Championship turns golden. The 50th Philippine Ladies Open 2012 was held at the East Course of the prestigious Wack Wack Golf & Country Club. Here are some photos from the 1st day of the Open...

Dottie Ardina

Jan Soleil Punzalan

Jayvie Agojo, Prescila Keogh Prescila,  Felicia Medalla Felicia

Francesca Bernice Ilas
Eva Minoza

A Ran Cho, Claire Amelia Legaspi, Lourdes Acuesta

Matet Salivio, Princess Superal

Nelda Roguel

Samantha Martirez, Francesca Ilas, Jan Punzalan 

Yupaporn, Kawinpakorn, Chanelle Avaricio, Rachita Vasandanion

Regan De Guzman

Sunshine Baraquiel