Friday, September 23, 2011

10 ways to kill time in the fairway...

The snails have crossed the fairway and the foursome ahead of you is still taking forever.  Here's what you can do:

1. Try out your new stretching exercises.

2. Figure out how many mangoes are on the tree

3. Tee off all at the same time to speed up play....

4. Watch all the goats run across the fairway

5. Find a way to get the goats away from the tee box

6.  Jump up and down and see who can jump the highest

7.  Check out for any deer crossing

8.  Pose for pictures

9.  Feed the ducks

10.  Take a nap

Monday, September 19, 2011

Take me back here!

Calatagan Golf Club

My friend Rubby has been inviting to play Calatagan Golf Club like forever. I had always wanted to go but it just seemed like such a long drive to get there from Manila (  After a couple of glasses of bubbly and oysters following a golf game at Forest Hills with my girlfriend Sam, we promised Rubby we would go.  So when we finally got to Calatagan, I kept asking myself why I had not made this trip sooner. 

It was such a beautiful course!  Old trees and scenic fairways lined with lush Kalachuchi trees added to its majestic landscape. 

Short par 3

Calatagan is one of the oldest courses in the Philippines and very few know that it is one of the few “green” golf courses that has been making a lot of “eco-friendly”efforts to keep the course organic.  There are no chemicals or fertilizers used throughout this Robert Trent designed course.  Instead, a biodynamic compost which is made on premise by the Calatagan staff is what is used. 

Stay out of the bunker!

I could hardly concentrate on my game as I wanted to take so many pictures! Every hole had its charm.  This is one course I really would like to play again.

With Ricky Yabut, Samantha Lopez Edwards & Rubby Lugtu