Friday, February 3, 2012

Ladies Golf Federation 2012

Forest Hills Ladies Circle
Yes it's Ladies Golf Federation season. Bring it on!!!!!

Game schedules fro February 2012:
Group 1

HOME          9-Feb             AWAY
Alabang         vs                Forest Hills
Orchard          vs                  Valley

HOME           16 Feb          AWAY
Forest Hills        vs             Alabang
Valley                vs             Orchard

HOME             23 Feb       AWAY
Alabang              vs           Orchard
Orchard               vs           Forest  Hills

Group II

HOME                           9-Feb                  AWAY
Riviera                             vs                 Tagaytay Highlands
Sta. Elena                        vs                  Manila Southwoods

HOME                           16 Feb                AWAY
Tagaytay Highlands          vs                     Riviera
Manila Southwoods          vs                    Sta. Elena

HOME                            23 Feb                 AWAY
Tagaytay Highlands           vs                     Sta. Elena
Manila Southwoods           vs                     Riviera

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Women golfing undercover....

Golf Digest made up LPGA player Kim Hall in five personas and observed how she was treated.

A fun and fascinating read. This is a look into how golf really treats women. We love the sport and we know it comes with all kinds of challenges. Attention women golfers! .... It is what it is....

Read more at :  Golf and Women undercover....