Tuesday, August 30, 2011


L-R: Tess Staub, Matec Villanueva, Imelda Yu, Cecil Tan, Jee Cabochan, Monique A. Ignacio, Violy Pegels
Bacolod is known for sugar.  Sugar equals sweets.  A perfect ending for each golfing day.
One is entitled after all to some sweets after walking 8 kilometers under rain everyday to play golf.  One of the highlights  during the recent 19th LUZVIMIN Ladies tournament in Bacolod was eating out after the game and "pasalubong" shopping for sweets.
First stop : Pendy's

Lots of pasalubong to choose from here...

                                                   Piyaya. Especially good with coffee!

                                     Caramel Tarts for only Php 205/ pack

                                        Flaky Hopia which is good for snacking on the golf course

All the "free tasting" before the purchase.  Good thing the sales lady was so generous..... Besides the Forest Ladies bought pasalubong like it was the last time they were ever going to Bacolod.....   Seriously.

As I don't have much of a sweet tooth these were what appealed to me most:

                                                   Peanuts with Dilis perfect with my ice cold beer

                                                               Spicy Vinegar

Next stop - Bob's.

Bob's has been making great breads and sweets for 46 years now.

Their Piyayas came in attractive packaging.

They also had an assortment of cakes to choose from.

Bottled goodies too.

Last stop before hitting the airport back to Manila was lunch at Tratorria Uma.  Before we could even order, there was one more pasalubong passed around... mini Piyayas called.... "Piayitos".  They were small, flat and yummy.  Not too sweet!

Lots of food sharing went on...

The portions were quite generous.

Who says a pizza can't be healthy?

My favorite was the Pasta ala Uma with shrimp and pancetta topped with caviar and truffle oil.


Friday, August 26, 2011

The Women Get Preferred Lies.....

Over a hundred of the best women golfers of the Philippines have gathered to compete in the 19th LUZVIMIN (Luzon Visayas Mindano) Invitational Tournament  at the Negros Occidental Golf & Country Club  (Marapara) in Bacolod City. Twenty teams from all over the country from Luzon to Mindanao have braved the rains caused by typhoon Mina. Sponsored by the Women’s Golf Association of the Philippines, the Luzvimin Invitational is one of the most awaited competitive tournaments for amateur lady golfers.  Because of the bad weather conditions the women braved the blustering storm to take on Marapara in “preferred lies”. This made the already difficult playing conditions of the Negros Occidental Golf and Country Club even more challenging. Strong winds, rain and MUDDY fairways was normal play throughout the three day championship. 

Mud all over!
Despite this, the tournament went on. It was afterall in the spirit of goodwill and good golf for everyone.

Forest Hills Ladies Team R-L: Tess Staub, Cecil Tan, Jee Cabochan, Violy Pegels, Matec, Villanueva, Imelda Yu, Monique Ignacio

Negros Occidental Golf & Country Club

Manila Southwoods

Tagaytay Highlands

                                                               Camp John Hay

                                                                                                      AFP Ladies

                                                                 Riviera Ladies

                                                   Rio Co - WGAP President

Victorias Golf & Country Club