Friday, March 25, 2011

Comfort food

My lunch

Today I played my first club championship match play.... and lost. I accepted every shot I made good and bad. I tried my best but there are just those days when even your best isn't good enough to win. What's important is I had fun and learned that I need to experience many more match plays to be able to play better under pressure. Playing golf under pressure can be stressful which actually defeats the purpose of playing golf in the first place right? So when I feel let down from a round I sometimes reward myself with comfort food. Never fails. My ultimate comfort food in the world is fresh oysters! A little squeeze of lemon and tabasco and a glass (or two) of Sauvignon Blanc is enough to lift my spirits. So today I rewarded myself with oysters and I wolfed everything down with a bowl of clam pasta. Dessert was fruit cheese and the remaining wine left in the bottle (hic, hic, hic...)

Life is good..... and tomorrow I get to play golf again. Fore!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ladies Federation Golf League Team standings - Round 4

Forest Hills Ladies Federation team

Here is the latest team standings for the Ladies Federation Golf League:

(As of March 17, 2011 - Round 4)
Group 1
Club Games Played Win Loss Draw Total Ups Match Points Game Points %
ALABANG 4 3 1 0 46 11.0 7 0.875
VALLEY 4 2 2 0 35 8.0 4 0.500
ORCHARD 4 2 2 0 31 8.0 4 0.500
RIVIERA 4 1 3 0 19 5.0 2 0.250
RESULTS: Rd 4 - Mar 17-19 SCHEDULE: Rd 5 - Mar 30-Apr 2
Riviera 1.0- Alabang 3.0 Alabang - Orchard
Valley 3.0 - Orchard 1.0 Valley - Riviera
Group 2
Club Games Played Win Loss Draw Total Ups Match Points Game Points %
HIGHLANDS 4 2 0 2 42 11.0 7 0.875
FOREST HILLS 4 2 0 2 32 9.5 6 0.750
STA. ELENA 4 0 0 4 26 8.0 4 0.500
SOUTHWOODS 4 0 4 0 11 3.5 0 0.000
RESULTS: Rd 4 - Mar 17-19 SCHEDULE: Rd 5 - Mar 30-Apr 2
Sta. Elena 2.0 - Forest Hills 2.0 Forest Hills - Highlands
Southwoods 1.0 - Highlands 3.0 Southwoods - Sta. Elena

Sunday, March 20, 2011

What are your chances of making two holes in one??

Not too long ago I wrote about “What are your chances of making a hole in one?”

Golf Digest reported that a PGA Tour pro’s chances of a hole in one is at 1 in 3,756 and an amateur’s at 1 in 12,750.  However, I couldn't find any data on making two holes in one but not on the same round.

I recently made my second hole in one at Ayala Greenfield Estates. This was at hole number 3 from the red tees using my 9 iron.

My 80 -year old father kept saying “I have been playing golf for 40 years now and have never made one....  and this is your SECOND HOLE IN ONE!!!!”.  The clincher was when he added (with a really determined look) ... “I have to play tomorrow so I can try to make a hole in one”.  “Huh???  Are you serious dad???”  

With my flightmates Vic Gloria and Charlie Agatep

I guess my dad was pretty decided to play his A-game because not long after he chipped from the fringe to save par.  Good job dad! :-)

Charlie saving par on hole 5

Everyone was happy.

 Including all our caddies!

So what are the chances of your making 2 holes in one (not in the same round...)  I guess its a lot more common than you think.  The LOVE of my life has made two! 

So we are racing to find out who amongst us will get a 3rd hole in one....


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

FOURPLAY is music to my ears

Nathan East - Fourplay

No, I didn’t mean fourplay as in “foursome", also known as alternate shot in golf. Nor did I mean “foreplay” either,  although that can be musical too… 
I meant Fourplay – one of my favorite contemporary jazz bands. Fourplay started out in 1990 with Bob James, Harvey Mason, Lee Ritenour and Nathan East. While all of these musicians are capable soloists, together they play magical music especially with the newest member Chuck Loeb. Their style is a passionate union of jazz, R & B and pop. Bob James has been a long time favorite jazz pianist of mine. I remember saving my weekly allowance just to be able to buy his records. Records at that time were LP’s (long playing albums and in vinyl!) and cost about Php 25.00 pesos per album or about $0.60! 

Bob James on keyboard
I recently took a break from our Forest Hills ladies team golf practice to watch “Fourplay” during their concert in Manila to celebrate the Philippine International Jazz festival.  It was smooth jazz featuring a lot of their music from their latest CD “ Let’s Touch the Sky”.
Here are some of my favorite cuts in their album:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Team Forest Hills Ladies Federation
Below is the Ladies' Federation Golf League team standings as of March 3, 2011:

Group 1

CLUB           Games    Win   Loss   Draw  Total    Match   Game       %
                      played                                    ups     points   points

RIVIERA           2         1        1       0        16           4.0       2        0.500

ORCHARD        2         1        1       0       15            4.0       2       0.500

VALLEY           2          1       1       0       13            4.0       2       0.500

ALABANG       2          1        1       0       10           4.0       2       0.500

Group 2

CLUB             Games    Win   Loss   Draw  Total    Match   Game       %
                        played                                    ups     points   points

FOREST              2         2        0       0        18           5.5       4       1.000

HIGHLANDS       2         0        0       2       18           4.0       2       0.500

STA. ELENA        2          0       0       2       15          4.0       2       0.500

SOUTHWOODS   2          0        2       0      10          2.5       0       0.500

RESULTS: Rd2- March 3-5

Forest Hills 2.5 - Southwoods 2.5
Highlands 2.0 - Sta. Elena  2.0

Go Team Forest Hills!

Forest Hills vs Southwoods - home game

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh my beating heart.....

It was our first Forest Hills Ladies Federation league tournament for the season and it was going to be an away game for us against Manila Southwoods.  We had practiced at Southwoods a couple of days before the match and despite a 3 hour drive because of a vehicular accident at south super highway and a nasty root canal, I had managed a decent 10-over practice round.

The night before the tournament I kept waking up every couple of hours thinking, “Is it time to get up yet????”  I was excited, nauseous and on edge.

The games begin.  “ Best Ball format. On the Tee, from Forest Hills, Monique Ignacio…” I walk up to the tee mound. Tuned everyone out.  I tell myself - Routine. Routine.  Two practice swings. Look down at the target.  I take away my driver slowly, turn my back unto the target and swing away.  Of course I hit a horrible tee shot into the rough.  What the fuzz???? “Please oh please, let this not be a prelude to the rest of my game….” I mutter under my breath.  I look at my playing partner Jonah hit her second shot onto the green.  We win the first hole. Whew.  Next hole please….

It was a close match. Forest Hills would lead by 2 up only to loose the next hole to Southwoods. “One shot at a time, one hole at a time….” This was all I could think of. Finally after grueling hours under the sun we get to hole 17 leading by one up. My only thought was to make sure we protected our lead and not give the hole away. “Focus Monique!!!” Then I glanced at the gallery and saw my Forest Hills teammates all ready to cheer.  How comforting and exciting at the same time.  The only thought I had was… “ You better not let your team down!” Focus!   I turn my attention to the Southwoods ladies and realize they are already on the green putting for birdie.  Meanwhile I am still outside by the fringe.
OH MY BEATING HEART.  Be still please! I take out my wedge and pitched it within tap in range. YES!!!!!!

We won our Best ball match by one up.  Meanwhile the rest of the Forest Hills team did well in the other formats to secure a 3-1 mastery of Southwoods. What a wonderful away game opening for the season for Forest Hills!
Forest Hills at home game against Manila Southwoods