Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When women golfers go on a road trip....

A golf trip for women only.  I was excited!  It wasn’t exactly a golf getaway.  It was going to be one tough competition against some of the best women golfers. It's not very often that seven women could take a week off, to represent their club and compete in the 18th Women's Golf Association of the Philippines at the Del Monte Golf Club in Bukidnon. 

Over a hundred thirty women from 19 golf clubs covering Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao playing three straight days (excluding practice rounds) with no golf carts (except for seniors). Walking  6,313 meters daily under the hot sun while playing in challenging and sloping fairways.  Of course this was one golf trip I was not going to miss!

So seven of us from the Forest Hills ladies team packed our bags and flew down to Cagayan de Oro to compete. For 3 grueling days we would wake up at 4:30 am and drive roughly 10 kilometers of semi rough road or about 1 1/2 hours from our hotel in the city to Bukidnon where Del Monte Golf Club was. After about 5 or so hours of competition and walking the entire 18 holes, it was another long drive back.  Thank god for caddies. 

There are many things you experience and quite a few lessons to learn in a  golf trip such as this. The TOP TEN on my list include:

  1. Nothing beats a great foot massage after a round of tournament golf.  Especially when it costs only Php 150.00 (less than $3 USD!)  It’s even more enjoyable when your teammate smuggles in a bottle of red wine and shares it  with you during the massage.
  1. A good nights sleep is priceless.  The quality of rest before a big match can never be underestimated.  If you wake up at 4:30 am everyday while competing it takes its toll unless you get to bed early every night. Awards night not included.
  2. A roommate you are at home with.  There’s nothing like rooming in with a girlfriend.  It’s even more enjoyable when she let’s you sleep in a few more minutes in the morning by taking the first slot in the bathroom.  It’s a bonus when she doesn’t even snore!
  3. Eat Right.  This will keep your energy up throughout the competition.  This starts with a good breakfast and proper snacking throughout the game. More importantly, find the best local restaurant in the city and feast on great seafood.

 Panagatan seafood restaurant in Cagayan de Oro

5. It’s not all golf.  Take time out to see the sights and play tourist. 
    Del Monte Pineapples everywhere!

  1. Be considerate and share.  Even when that Durian fruit that you have been lusting for is right in front of you and you want it all to your self, share it with others. 
  Durian, the king of fruits!

  1. Laughter – Sure be serious and focused while competing but don’t forget that when things don’t go your way,  there’s nothing like a good laugh.

8. Don't be too hard on yourself.  A glass of red wine with the juicy Del Monte roast beef sandwich at the golf club is allowed even when you don't score too well.

 9. Enjoy the golf course. That's why you are there right?
  Par 3 - Warren's hole

    10.  Nothing beats a golf trip with 7 female golfaholics. There’s just nothing like it.

     So yeah, you learn a lot from a golf trip such as this. You learn about your emotional self too. You find out that you need to keep your spirits high even when you aren’t playing your best.  You learn that playing in a team where everyone cheers you on when you need it most is more important than winning.  You discover that while winning isn’t everything, it feels darn good when you do. 

    Forest Hills Ladies – Champion, Pearl Division

    You learn that a golf trip with girl friends is not only therapeutic, it’s downright fun!


    Selene Aurea said...

    What am amazing golf outing with fantastic company! Win or lose, nothing beats those memories you just had with the ladies!!!

    Monique Agatep Ignacio said...

    So true Selene. It really wasn't about winning. The whole journey WAS the WIN...

    Anonymous said...

    How sexy naman ng sister ko!

    Moy said...

    That was from me :) Moy

    irene dy said...

    Gee...envy you girls for such an experience. The most memorable ones surely must be the company...win or lose...the fun is there...GO, FOREST!!!

    GolfGirlJunior said...

    sounds AWESOME! I agree 100% with Selene, nothing beats time with the girls!

    Monique Agatep Ignacio said...

    So true!!!!