Monday, January 3, 2011

A wonderful New Year to all of you!

I started the first of January 2011with an early boat trip to catch the whale sharks at Sogod Bay in Southern Leyte, Philippines.
It was an hour and 15 minute boat trip on a beautiful morning to get to where the whale sharks were known to surface and feed for krill and plankton.  The boat ride was the perfect time to reminisce and be thankful for my golf highlights in 2010.  There was much to be grateful for and many memorable high points for me. 
Here are my top 10 golf highlights in 2010:
1.  My golfing buddies – What’s a golf game without them? Rain or shine, good or bad day.  They are your best friends, they take your money, you take theirs... they are your drinking buddies, your shopping girlfriends and your shrinks all rolled into one. They are with you through your double pars and if you are lucky (like me!) they are with you when you make your hole in one!… what can I say?  They just make playing golf so much more fun….
                                 Marlo and Bernie
Ian and Gil (Benjie & Ernie where are you?)
                            The Spartans....

2. The launching of my golf accessories website:   Creating and designing golf accessories for my personal use was just a hobby.  Until I started getting compliments and requests for me to make these golf accessories for their own use.  Then golf pro shops started carrying them in their  shops.  Golf tournament organizers started ordering for their giveaways and prizes.  Hence the brand “On The Tee” and was born.

3.  Barclays Open in Sentosa Singapore –To be with and watch my golf idols in action was simply my fairway to heaven. 
Adam Scott, my new love but he doesn't know it yet...
                                         Phil Mickelson

4. My little golf bag – While I carried other bestsellers at  such as the weary golfer’s heating pad, colorful rain covers and fun shirts, it was “My little Golf bag” that was the most requested golf accessory that I carried. Designed especially for women golfers, this was without a doubt my favorite.  Finally, a golf vanity bag for women to house all the “essentials” we needed while playing golf.  Ok maybe they weren’t always essentials but hey we needed a bag for it! “My little golf bag” came in hot pink, purple, orange, yellow, aqua blue, red, black etc….  You name the color and we had it. Finally a little golf bag to take around the fairways!  Did I mention it came with a matching little golf ball bag? 

                                     My Little golf bag
                                    Fits all your essentials!

  1. Golf with dad – My dad is 80 years old and still beats me at golf.  How cool is that?  
                               My 80 year old Dad Charlie

6. Forest Hills Ladies Circle – There’s relaxing weekend golf and then there’s competitive golf.  It’s great to be part of a team that plays, trains and travels together for competitive golf.  These are amazing golfing women who can balance career and/or family life and still able to squeeze in a mean round of golf in the picture.  
                                  Forest Hills Ladies Circle

7. Golf vacations – What’s a vacation without golf?  I am fortunate that my whole family enjoys the sport.  So we can plan our trips around it.  No one is left out.  Vacations are just so much more fun! 
                                Half moon bay in California

8.My first golf expo – I joined The 15th Philippine golf International show in 2010. It was my first time to participate in a golf expo and a good way to introduce “On The Tee” to the golfing community 
                  Mi Hee and I at the golf show

9. My first pro am – Mercedes Benz cup 2010 – I hope I get invited again in 2011

10. Golf with the ones you Love– The family that plays together, stays together!

                                   With the men in my life!


    PowerSpeak said...

    that was a nice article, happy new year.

    Deniss said...

    I'm so impressed, u get to do what u love and make money. You are truly creative!

    Monique Agatep Ignacio said...

    @PowerSpeak - Happy New Year to you too Joey!
    @Deniss - Many many thanks!

    Shining Butterfly said...

    Wow! You are so blessed, Monique! You really had a wonderful year! I am sure 2011 will even be more fruitful and fulfilling for you. Carry on, sis!