Friday, July 22, 2011

Two years of his life wasted...

Steve Williams at the Open Championship St. George's
Tiger Woods recently fired long time caddy Steve Williams.  This ended a 12 year relationship that included 13 out of 14 major championships.  Steve Williams responded by telling Television New Zealand  "You could say I've wasted the last two years of my life. I've stuck with Tiger and been incredibly loyal. I'm not disappointed I've been fired — that's part of the job — but the timing is extraordinary. Apparently Steve had known that Tiger was ending his relationship but had kept it quiet out of respect for Adam Scott.  
I watched both Williams & Scott at the British Open and they seemed to have a good rapport between them.  
Williams caddying Adam Scott at the British Open

Steve announced that he would now be caddying full time for Adam Scott and hopes to take him into a Major. Meanwhile Woods has not named a replacement for Williams.

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