Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's almost Christmas!

Paragliders Christmas party
Two more days and it's Christmas!  How time flies.  It's been a hectic but delightful December. Lots of catching up with friends and loved ones. There were just too many events that by the time I sat down to write I realized that it had been three weeks since my last post.  So very quickly here were some of the highlights....

A friendly tournament between the Southwoods and Forest Hills ladies
Tournaments with the  other ladies golf clubs are almost always competitive.  So to have one just for fun was terrific.

Forest Hills and Southwoods Ladies 

At Forest Hills

With Beachie Abiera, Eleanor Leung, Violy Pegels and Claire Ong
Ready for Greensome?

Christmas in the sky!

 Santa came with wings this year!

The Christmas invitation said we had to come in costumes.  So i came in scrubs.

With my flying coach Buko

A flying scuba diver?

Even the kids got to fly!

The flying Veneracion family
I asked santa for my own wing for Christmas.  I hope it comes on time....

Pot Session

Christmas will not be complete without our annual Raku pot session.
Raku fire
With no time to change from flying i ran off to the annual Christmas Raku party at the the PettyJohns in Laguna.

With Pot buddy Pablo Capati
While waiting for the pots to fire there's lots of singing and well yes drinking...

The highlight is when we open the kiln.
We normally get together days after for a Christmas dinner to exchange pots.  How cool is that?
Ging Pajaro and Rescy Bhagwani

The potheads at Peppon Rondain's pot house

Small Group

As the days get closer to Christmas and the schedules get tighter, our "small group" had time to squeeze in our family Christmas party.

With my inaanak Nate Alcasid
The kids loved it!
Lots of fun games.  Thanks to Liza who put the games together!
Liza Martinez
Even the the "bigger kids" loved it!

With Tessa, Crickett, Sandy, Jovy, Liza, Cris & Regine
With Dindo, Jojo Tad, Job, Anthony, Rubby, Dingdong & Ogie
What a blessing to have such lovely friends to spend the holiday season with!

So there! Now off to the beach with my family for some quiet Christmas time.  On the way to the airport and we bumped into my favorite Apl De Ap!
I know tonight's going to be a good night!

With the loves of my life
My first born Christian Ignacio

But Christmas will NEVER BE COMPLETE without my firstborn Christian who we are missing so very much!!! Come home soon baby boy!!!!

Have an awesome awesome Christmas everyone!!!!!

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