Monday, January 7, 2013

There's a first for everything...

Everyone has some kind of memorable "first".  Your first kiss.  Or maybe your first love.  These events may not be perfect but they are nonetheless,  unforgettable. I recently had my "never to be forgotten first".  My first SOLO flight!

Carmona fly site
It was such a euphoric experience. I was scared to death but at the same time excited like crazy.  As soon as my wing lifted me up and I was slowly soaring into the air i realized "this is it"! I am all alone and flying. My paragliding instructor Buko no longer behind me.

Then it hit me. An unexplainable calmness.  The elation of being one with your wing in the sky. This was quickly followed  by trepidation, distress.. and indescribable fear.  I looked down from above and made a quick calculation... "If my wing collapses from this height would I survive"???? Straightaway I felt light headed and my knees go weak at the thought. Then i heard Buko's voice on the radio.  "Relax Monique. Breathe. Look forward and raise your hand." I had no idea how he could read my mind right that very moment.   I immediately followed all his instructions.  "Ok, Monique now turn right".  I looked to my right, and shifted my weight towards that direction. All seemed well as I followed all of Buko's instructions. I was descending quite nicely and when i was around 5 ft. off the ground he asked me to slowly flare my wings and land.  What was only a few minutes of flying time seemed like an eternity.  But I finally did it! After all the tandem flights, ground handling, kiting and drills to get one ready for that first solo flight, I eventually did it. What heavenly joy that feeling was.

And I can't wait to do it again.


James Leo said...

Nice post for a adventurous first solo flight extremely thanks for sharing.

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Monique Agatep Ignacio said...

You ar welcome James Leo!