Friday, July 17, 2015

Tom Watson our Hats Off to you!

After 40 years and five victories at The Open we take our hats off to Tom Watson who will play his last open Championship this year.  We were fortunate and blessed to be in an exclusive gathering to honor Tom Watson at The 2015 Open Championship in St. Andrews (Thank you very much to Ogie Alcasid​ and Master card).  The last time I watched the Open Championship was at the Royal St George's where I saw Tom Watson make a hole in one in 2010. It was such a treat to hear Tom share his most memorable experiences at The Open.  When asked what would be his dream 4-some - he said that it actually would be a 5-some.  Tom would have wanted to play with his father, his brother and son and his mentor Stan Thirsk who passed away last month.  With his eyes teary he bid all of us a farewell.  It may be your last appearance at The Open Tom, but you will always be remembered. Our Hats off to you!

Getting Tom Watson's autograph at The Open Championship 2015

Watch Mastercard's tribute to Tom Watson here:

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