Monday, May 3, 2010

Hold that finish!

              “Hold that finish!” Coach Noel would often tell our regular Saturday foursome which would normally include his wife Matec and a couple of us Forest Hills golf ladies .

              I would silently tell myself “But the ball is already gone!!!! Why do I need to hold my finish???” Thing is, Noel is not just a great golfer but also a serious photographer who usually takes his camera during our round. Being the “camera shy” ladies that we are (ok, ok, we all rush to strike a pose whenever anyone brings out a camera....)

                That's why it became my habit to “hold the finish” all the time. You know, just in case someone takes our picture..... This habit also works well during golf tournaments when photographers are busy taking souvenir shots. Hey, it doesn't matter that your ball went straight to the flower bed on the right... as long as you held that finish, your swing in the photo looked great!

         Once you get the habit of holding your finish after your swing, you will notice that your balance becomes better and you start feeling that your rhythm and timing is just right. Isn't that what teaching golf professionals tell us we need to do so that we can easily bring the club back squarely into impact anyway?
So go on and hold your finish. You will never know just who might be taking your picture....


Anonymous said...

This is awesome champ! I'll be visiting regularly! cya round!

Joseph Pangilinan said...

Wonderful blogsite sis. So THIS IS WHAT YOU MEANT. I want one (scarlet) :) KEEP WRITING. You are very good.