Tuesday, March 15, 2011

FOURPLAY is music to my ears

Nathan East - Fourplay

No, I didn’t mean fourplay as in “foursome", also known as alternate shot in golf. Nor did I mean “foreplay” either,  although that can be musical too… 
I meant Fourplay – one of my favorite contemporary jazz bands. Fourplay started out in 1990 with Bob James, Harvey Mason, Lee Ritenour and Nathan East. While all of these musicians are capable soloists, together they play magical music especially with the newest member Chuck Loeb. Their style is a passionate union of jazz, R & B and pop. Bob James has been a long time favorite jazz pianist of mine. I remember saving my weekly allowance just to be able to buy his records. Records at that time were LP’s (long playing albums and in vinyl!) and cost about Php 25.00 pesos per album or about $0.60! 

Bob James on keyboard
I recently took a break from our Forest Hills ladies team golf practice to watch “Fourplay” during their concert in Manila to celebrate the Philippine International Jazz festival.  It was smooth jazz featuring a lot of their music from their latest CD “ Let’s Touch the Sky”.
Here are some of my favorite cuts in their album:

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