Monday, April 4, 2011

Eat, Play & laugh... in CEBU!

When Four women out of the blue decide to pack their bags and head for Cebu what is it that they do?

EAT, PLAY and LAUGH of course!


Ah so much to choose from but so little time. Top on the list is seafood. And lots of it!

Then when one wants Japanese, the other Cebu lechon, and another wanting cheese and figs all at the same time head for Feria at the Radisson. On tuesdays everything is 50% off. We had Japanese, International, Mediterranean and Cebu lechon for a song. Perfect after a round of golf.

Feria at Radisson


From the airport a quick bite and first stop is Cebu Country Club. A championship course with winding fairways and lovely old trees. Pigeons everywhere! 

Not to miss is Alta Vista Golf and Country Club in Pardo Hills. This mountain course is quite challenging with narrow fairways and a breathtaking view of the islands of Mactan and Bohol and Mactan Bay. I must say I really enjoyed this course.


Laugh because of the extremely interesting shopping finds.
Marlo at Avatar
From Lamps to furnitures. Name it, Cebu has it. We had a blast going over accessories at Avatar

Here are some of our shopping finds...

Mood rings in all colors

You can't imagine how incredibly inexpensive these accessories cost.  Amazing....

So when four women decide to pack their bags for some good fun, there's always Cebu!


Patricia (GolfGirl) said...

It looks like you gals had an AWESOME time! You should be golf trip planners... everyone would be guaranteed to have fun. :o)

Monique Agatep Ignacio said...

@Patricia - The best part is that we have wonderful husbands who we left the kids with..... :-)

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!


Ranga said...

Monique ,

Hi .My name is Ranganath Thota & i run the largest website & golf resource in the markets of India ,ME & Sri Lanka. Its called . Have personally played over 190 courses just in these 3 geographies & am a very passionate golfer .Used to run companies in India & China for a good 20+ years before i started this as a passion.

I read your blog with interest as we also organise golf holidays (check ) & were looking at sending a group to Cebu. I wanted to use some of the photos that you have on our website ( we will give you credit for the same when we use it ).These pertain to CCC ( 2 images) & the Alta Vista Golf course ( 1 Image ) . Pl do let me know if that works for you . My email id is