Friday, June 10, 2011

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My dearest girlfriend Meg from college reminded me that the British Open 2011 was coming up in July and that I should go over and watch. Meg lives in the United Kingdom and not very far from Royal St. George in Kent where the British Open golf championship would be held.
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Did I need convincing???? Does the sun rise and set each day??? Was I crazy not to accept? But wait, did I even have a visa and how long would that take to get? The Open championship is only a few weeks away!
So I decide to apply for a visa. My interview was set for June 7. In less than 24 hours I got a text message from the UK visa processing office in Manila that my visa had been processed and that I could pick up my passport the following day.  I kid you not.  It was that easy!!!!
Amazing! I guess I was meant to go!
So if anyone wants to watch the British Open in the U.K. And need a visa real quick here is the process:
  1. Fill in the application online and submit it. Take note that the U.K. Visa processing office in Manila will not accept applications other than those filled up online.
  2. Once you have completed the application form continue to the section to schedule your appointment. I had my appointment for 10:55am and still made it in time for my luncheon meeting in Makati.
  3. Make sure that you bring all the necessary documents required on the day of your appointment. For a complete list check out the document requirements section online. This will usually be your birth certificate, marriage certificate, employment certification and the like. You will also need a 2x2 picture.
  4. You will need to pay your visa processing fee prior to the appointment. There is a Union Bank a few yards a way from the U.K. Visa processing office in Pasong Tamo extension that will accept your payment.
  5. No cellphones, ipadsiphones and other gadgets allowed. You will be asked to deposit these before entering their office. Make sure to bring proper identification. This is required at the entrance of the building.
    That's it! As simple as that.
    British Open 2011 here I come!!!!!

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