Sunday, June 19, 2011

What they wore at Open....

Bubba Watson/Getty Image

There were some interesting apparel and fashion going on at the US Open these past few days.  Start with Bubba Watson's camouflage by Travis Matthew.  Bubba went from PGA's boy band to Army boy. Camouflage are great on the battlefield but not on the greens.  At least Watson had an excuse. He wore them to raise awareness and funds for  the US military families.

Davis Love III/Getty Image
Some have labeled this outfit the mid-life crisis pink pants.  Paired with his usual universal blue and white striped shirt sans the Dockers Khakis, it was like half of him was going for cautious and the other half an attempt at going wild.

Ryo Ishikawa/ Getty Image

Japan's number 1 player and national superstar Ryo Ishikawa can carry pink! 

Ricky Fowler/ Getty Image

PGA Boy Band Ricky Fowler's hat and shirt ALWAYS match. But why?????  I love the color.... It's just that his hat always seems to be too big for his head.  Oh well.

Peter Ulheim/ Getty Image

US amateur Peter Ulheim reminds us that the hat and shirt don't have to match.....

Graeme McDowell/Getty Image

McDowell isn't exactly dressed like he was out to defend his title at the 2011 US Open.  We've seen better outfits on Graeme.  
Johan Edfors/ Nick Wass Image/AP

Don't you just love how Johan Edfors dresses up when he plays?  This Swede gets it right all the time.

Martin Kaymer/Getty Image

Martin Kaymer keeps it simple.  Classic.  I like it!

Rory McIlroy/Getty Image

My man Rory wears the Oakley belt.  I so want him to win. Let's go Rory!!!!  


Selene Aurea said...
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Selene Aurea said...

I felt like I was on the red golf fashion, uh, rather on the green one! LOL...that was a fun ass felt like when I decompress with a drink and People Magazine :-)

Monique Agatep Ignacio said...

Hahahaha, i am the golf fashion police now.... :-)