Friday, November 4, 2011

The stronger your core, the lower your score!

As people are getting more health conscious, fitness systems like Pilates are gaining more following.  Developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920's, Pilates believes that lifestyle, posture, and inefficient breathing contributes to poor health, so it encourages alignment of the spine and strengthening of the abdominal muscles - both critical to a golfer's swing.

Proper balance in golf translates to a more powerful swing.  Spending long hours at the driving range and countless hours on your short game is great.  But if you work on strengthening your body, you can further reduce your handicap and prevent body aches and injuries.  Instead of purchasing a new club, it makes better sense to spend extra time getting in better physical shape.  But the big question remains: by strengthening my core, will I lower my score?

The only exercise i do regularly is walking on the golf course.  But as much as I avoid the gym, I would do anything to play better golf, so I was willing to try Pilates.  My golf pro can only do so much with my swing, but the fundamental cause of any swing defect is impaired physical condition, which may result in backswing sway, reverse pivot, chicken winging, and casting.  If I want to be stronger and more flexible, then I have ti do proper exercise.

My golf teammate at Forest Hills has been doing Pilates for years.  I sought her recommendation and was led to Carolyn Lim of the Balanced Body Studio.  Carol spearheaded the teaching of Pilates and Gyrokinesis - a methodology that allows you to work on your entire body through seven natural elements of spinal movement- in the country.  

Being quite apprehensive, I ask Carol to keep the lessons simple.  She assures, "Anyone can do Pilates!"  Then proceeds to demonstrate manageable moves anyone can indeed follow.

Golf is extraordinary in that the sport is not restricted by age.  Just ask my 80-year-old dad who beats my score regularly.  The same holds true for Pilates, because it is a low-impact activity.  So yes, it is highly possible that the stronger your core, the lower your score!

For a copy of the Pilates exercises demonstrated by Carol Lim, check out Impact Magazine in major bookstores and magazine stands.


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ITS_Golf said...

1) I did not even know Pilates has been around that long!

2) I've never tried it because I thought it would be too difficult, after reading this article - I think I will give it a try, thanks for the share!