Saturday, December 10, 2011

City of Pines

I love Baguio.  There is something magical about playing the fairways of Baguio Country Club or Camp John Hay.  The cool weather and the smell of pine cones in the air is worth the long drive from Manila.
Pine cones are abundant in Baguio. Whenever I am able to play golf there I always find a way to pick up the pine cones that have scattered along the fairway and bring them back home. I bring a little bag and after the 18th hole it would be full of different shaped pine cones.
Once they are dried i spray paint them and they become part of my Christmas decorations.  This year I decided to paint the pine cones in silver.

You can spruce up your house and use them as eye catching accents to your holiday arrangements. I placed my newly painted pine cones on our staircase

and added  them to our Christmas tree...
and our dining room.
They may be placed in unexpected places to add to a more festive look this Christmas. So the next time you find yourself golfing in Baguio, pick up a few of those pine cones and turn them into some holiday cheer for your home.
with golfing buddies Bernie and Marlo 

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