Sunday, August 19, 2012

Disaster on Hole 14

Hole 14

Hole #14 of the Nicklaus course of Forest Hills Golf and Country Club in Antipolo was never my favorite hole.  In fact it was
the hole i hated the most.  I remember when i was just beginning to play golf 7 years ago I would have nightmares just thinking
about this hole. What would start out as a good round of golf would always disappear by the time i got to the 14th hole.  I can't
count the number of balls I have lost on this hole. For awhile I even obsessed over how the Mango tree before the green could
miraculously disappear...

But while hole 14 was not my most-liked hole, I wasn't prepared to see the misfortune that happened to the fairway of hole 14
as a result of the non stop southwest monsoon rains a couple of weeks ago.

Former Tee box
This used to be the forward tees. The retaining wall on the right side collapsed. A landslide from the neighboring village on the
right is visible.

Fairway no more
This is what happened to the fairway!
cart path
As you take the path down to the temporary tee box you will pass this...

Temporary tee box
The tee box is now located right before the ravine and hole 14 is now a par 3 with about 140 yards or so to the green.

I am certain that many other courses around Metro Manila have been damaged by the rains and playing on soggy fairways might
be the norm for the next week or so.  But at least the sun has been shining again lately and hopefully it stays that way.

I am actually missing the fairway of hole 14 and hoping that it won't take forever for it to be repaired. Meanwhile,  while i wait for
hole 14 to once again become a long par 4, I will take pleasure in finally being able to make regular pars on this hole.


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