Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The sun came out today

It's been constantly raining.  Little time for any golf.  But today the sun came out.  Great timing as i was scheduled to see my golf pro.  "Monique we are going to work on the same issues" He says. "Widen your arc and keep your upper body quiet.  Tempo, tempo...."  I know what I have to do.  I get what my pro is teaching me.  I just don't understand why when he shows me how to do it it looks SO simple.  But when I try to do it, it isn't the case.  Aaaargh!!!!!!  Such is golf.

As I leave the driving range the sun begins to shine really bright.  This is rare since it has been raining almost everyday.  Luckily I had my photo equipment in the back of my trunk.  Complete with tripod and infrared lens.  I quickly look for a perfect spot to try and take an infrared picture before the sun disappears.  I find a quiet playground with some trees.  Perfect spot since I needed some foliage in my photo.  There was a slight breeze coming in which made it even more wonderful so I could capture the movement of the clouds.

So there.  Productive morning in the driving range and the perfect sun for my picture.

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