Sunday, June 10, 2012

My hidden agenda....

The Ranch Golf Course - Hole 10

Ok I am guilty. I had a hidden agenda why I chose to play at the Ranch Golf Club in San Jose this week. Not because it was
one of the most challenging courses in the bay area and had been nominated as one of the Best New Golf Courses in America.

Water and bunkers on the 18th hole

The slope rating of 142 for the blue tees and 125 for the red didn't seem that intimidating.... (at first anyway....). I didn't choose
it because of the scenic view. Although It is situated at the of foothills Silicon Valley with a gorgeous view of the Bay
Area. And I definitely did not choose it because of the dramatic elevation changes. I mean seriously it was like vertical drop zones everywhere...

sloping hills and vertical drops everywhere
My real agenda for wanting to play at the Ranch Golf Club in San Jose was two fold. To visit my old high school Silver Creek

Silver Creek High- Go Raiders!

and more eat at THE BOILING CRAB!!!!!

It's a long way to drive to from San Francisco but how can one resist crabs cooked in Rajun Cajun, lemon pepper and garlic butter? Add some fresh and fried oysters, Cajun fries and Gumbo????
Fresh oysters and lime

So there. When you need an excuse to play the Ranch Golf course in San Jose, do so because it is a lovely championship course with rolling hills and majestic views. But more so because it's a couple of minutes a way from The Boiling Crab!

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