Monday, June 11, 2012

U.S. Open 2012 fever

L-R The Forest HIlls Ladies team: Jee Cabochan, Monique A. Ignacio, Cecile Tan, Tess Staub
This is the  best time to be in San Francisco!  The weather is gorgeous, your golfing girlfriends are with you and the 112th U.S.
Open is happening!

The U.S. Open Merchandise Pavilion, dubbed as “Golf’s Largest Pro Shop” (this week anyway) opened up and showcased
400,000 items bearing the official U.S. Open logo, including outerwear, shirts, hats, golf balls and a large variety of championship memorabilia. It seemed like the U.S. Open fever everywhere.  To think that that practice rounds don't even start until tomorrow!

The prestigious Olympic Club in San Francisco is host to this years U.S. Open. It hosted its first U.S. open in 1955 and since then has witnessed a total of 4 more opens (1966, 1987 and 1998). It will be the Olympic Club's 5th time to host it.  Did you know that anyone with a USGA Handicap Index of 1.4 or better can attempt to qualify?  And although the championship has been mostly won by American golfers, 6 of the last eight winners have been foreigners.  So who will be this years U.S. Open winner?  It's anyone's guess! Fore!

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