Thursday, March 21, 2013

Go Southwoods Ladies!

It's the Philippine Ladies Federation golf season! This year the teams include Southwoods, Sta. Elena, Alabang, Orchard and Tagayatay Highlands.  As of March 22, 2013 the Southwoods Ladies lead the pack!

Tess Staub & Sandy Velhagen
It was a marvelous day for Southwoods today where the ladies swept all games at home against Sta. Elena.

Nini Samaniego & Claire Ong
Florence Okiyama & Christine Naidoo

The captains were as intense....

as the players....

Upcoming games:

April 4:

Home                             Away

Orchard          Vs.          Sta. Elena
Southwoods   Vs.          Tagaytay Highlands
Alabang         Vs.          Bye

April 18

Sta. Elena       Vs.         Orchard
Tagaytay        Vs.         Southwoods
Bye                Vs.         Alabang

April 25

Tagaytay         Vs.        Sta. Elena
Bye                  Vs.       Orchard
Alabang           Vs.       Southwoods

May 2

Sta. Elena          Vs.    Tagaytay Highlands
Orchard             Vs.    Bye
Southwoods       Vs.    Alabang

Until the next game!


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