Sunday, March 17, 2013

Para "waiting"

Carmona fly site
"Para waiting" is a term we use when paragliders are "waiting" for the best wind conditions to be able to fly. We hike up to our flysite and measure how strong the winds are before we can take off.  There are times when the wind conditions are magical and we can have several flights in one afternoon.  Then there times when we wait for hours and the winds just never calm down enough for even one flight.

And that's when the waiting begins. But it's the fellowship that counts.  Laying around and just enjoying the lazy afternoon while sharing stories... and for some reason we never run out of stories to share.

Or in my case, pictures to take...

We also use the time to practice our kiting skills...

And as soon as we get that "window" where the winds begin to calm down, we take flight!

Making all the "para waiting" so worth it.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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