Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I will always love Baguio

Christian on hole 2 at the Baguio Country Club
My external drive with thousands of pictures crashed! Somehow I was able to restore it but all the files are messed up.  I have began the laborious task of sorting the pictures and arranging them in the right catalog.  To do this I must go through every single photo in the drive and arrange it in the proper file. While doing so I stumbled upon an album of a trip to Baguio we had taken a few years ago. My son Christian was visiting from San Francisco at that time and we decided to go to Baguio for some family bonding.

Sunrise from my room

Looking at those pictures brought back so many beautiful memories.  There is something very special about Baguio for me. I remember spending every Holy Week as a little girl in Baguio Country Club with my family. The scent of the pine, the cool breeze, the sunrise and rolling fog in the morning... are all part of what makes Baguio so memorable for me.

Walking the fairways
Looking at the pictures of the Philippine Military Academy in Baguio also brought back many joyful memories of when my husband was still a young cadet at the academy.

Philippine Military Academy
But for me the highlight of every Baguio trip will be the golf. Baguio Country Club is probably the only golf course where i am willing to walk 36 holes for the game.

You can tee off at 7:00 am and be done by noon.  Do a leisurely lunch and then tee off again at 1:30 for another 18 holes!

With Christian at hole 1
And that's why I will always love Baguio...

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