Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In search of a flysite in Sagada

I have always wanted to see Sagada Mountain Province. It just seemed so far away and too long a drive.  But I told myself that one day I would go.  So when our friend Andrew invited the paragliders to check out Sagada as a possible flysite in the Philippines I wasted no time and made the trip. Eleven hours later I finally made it to Andrew's beautiful Sagada home.

I was greeted with the scent of pine, a toasty bonfire and an amazing view of the woods.

Buko Raymundo and the paragliders

Andrew Chinalpan with Buko

The next day we hiked up to "Marlboro" country in search for a possible fly site. It was a scenic climb to the top of the mountain.

Along the way there were wild strawberries to be had. They were smaller than the strawberries 
we are used to seeing in the supermarket. 

I thought it was good but not as sweet.  Perhaps it wasn't quite strawberry season yet. After about a 45 minute hike we reached what could be our "runway" and fly site.  It was breathtaking. My pictures would not give justice to the view.

I was imagining how awesome it would be to fly over the rice terraces! For me that would be worth the long trip up to Sagada...

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